Requirements for Owners of Dangerous Dogs

In addition to complying with the requirements of Subchapter D, Chapter 822 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, as amended, a person shall, not later than the 30th day after learning that he is the owner of a dangerous dog:

  1. have an unsterilized dangerous dog spayed or neutered;
  2. register the dangerous dog with the director and pay to the director a dangerous dog registration fee of $50;
  3. restrain the dangerous dog at all times on a leash, in the immediate control of a person or in a secure enclosure;
  4. obtain liability insurance coverage or show financial responsibility in an amount of at least $100,000 to cover damages resulting from an attack by the dangerous dog causing bodily injury to a person and provide proof of the required liability insurance coverage or financial responsibility to the director;
  5. place and maintain on the dangerous dog a collar or harness with a current dangerous dog registration tag securely attached to it;
  6. have the dangerous dog injected with a microchip implant and registered with a national registry for dogs;
  7. post a sign at each entrance to the enclosure in which the dangerous dog is confined stating “BEWARE DANGEROUS DOG”; and
  8. renew registration of the dangerous dog with the director annually and pay an annual dangerous dog registration fee to the director of $50.

Reference: Section 7-5.5 Dallas City Code

Section 7-5.4 Appeals (paraphrased)

If under Section 7-5.3 of Chapter 7, the director determines that a dog is dangerous or orders a dangerous dog to be permanently removed from the City, that decision is final unless the dog owner files a written appeal with the municipal court within 15 days after receiving notice that the dog has been determined to be dangerous or ordered to be removed from the City.

Reference 7-5.4 Dallas City Code